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  • Mehrnoush Esmaeilpour
    I still dream of my youth. I still get the whiff of paintings and the horses' unique forms. Today, I share these delicate moments with my trusted confidante-the canvas. 
    I suppose falling off that innocent horse one day kept me away from the stables. But I realized, after being bedridden for years, my passion for them only grew. My ten years at university-first studying horse training and genetics, then obtaining a master's degree in architecture-are, therefore, unsurprising.
    Considering my experience with life's surprises, both fortunate and unfortunate, when a friend of mine living in Istanbul offered me an acting role I couldn't say no. I enjoyed the set. Breathing life into characters different from oneself was not only exciting. The relationship actors build with the camera is no different than that of the painter and her canvas.
    Ultimately, working in the arts gives me joy. Painting, for me, is a game. Amongst the colors, I experience the wonder of my childhood. And of course, my playmates are my horses. My studio isn't filled only with the smell of paint. The scent of the horses' bodies and he feeling of their breath are just as present. At least, that's how I experience it.
    We shared the same fate. We saw the same struggles. We were frightened by the sounds of the same sirens. On days when I was too tired, they continued to play while I watched. Sometimes I played and they watched, tired and listless.
    Maybe the world as it stands today need not be written or spoken about. I know only one thing: even when dancing, my horses were morose. 
    2006-2011 architect company ( Kemaller Mimarlık & İç Mimarlık )
    2011-2012 ayyapim productions
    2013-2014 hersey productions
    2011 solo exhibition
    2013 Iranian Artist Forum, art exhibition
    2015 Galeriartist Istanbul ( solo exhibition )
    2015 uskudaryapim productions 
    I left Iran in 2004 to study architecture in North Cyprus. After completing my thesis in environmental architecture, I attained my master's degree in 2011 after successfully submitting my thesis in " perdition of moisture balance in building". I also worked as designed and landscape architect at Kemaller Mimarlık & İç Mimarlık between 2006-2011.
    My experience as an actress has not only helped in my evolutions as a painter but also in the appreciation for the act of painting, in and of itself. Through deep self-reflection, I tap into-and isolate-raw emotions that I, ultimately, release through my paintbrush. Started as a hobby to express my love for horses when ı was only 10 years old, painting has come an outlet to tell my personel story. Horses still play a dominant role in my life and act as the souls of my canvases upon which I add varying color palettes, brush strokes, and techniques to express other aspects of "me". While I respect the collaborative storytelling of filmmaking, the personal spiritual journey in the act of painting has given me more freedom to intimately connect with an audience.
    I conducted my first art exhibition in 2011, from 10th March to 10th April while preparing for my second personal exhibition in Turkey; I was invited to participate in the Iranian Artist's Forum. Many top Iranian artists attended the charity event and three of my works were recognized by the majorityof the Iranian art legends.
    In 2015, from May 21st to June 20th, I conducted a private art exhibition at "Galeriartist Istanbul" in Istanbul that was attended by many well-known Turkish artists and celebrities. 
    2011 solo exhibition
    2013 Iranian Artist Forum, charity exhibition 
    2014-2015 LOVE'S BREATHE solo exhibition